The 10th International Conference on the Occurrence, Properties, and Utilization of Natural Zeolites – Zeolite 2018

The Zeolite 2018 conference, which was held in Krakow on June 24th-29th

was the latest in a series of conferences organised under the auspices of the International Natural Zeolite Association - INZA ( The main objective of the INZA is to encourage progress, increase and dissemination of scientific knowledge and technology in the area of natural zeolites. The conference promoted the exchange of information between the scientific community, enabling people, especially the young ones with new ideas, to present their work and interact with colleagues working in the same field. 


The organizers of the above mentioned conference were the Lublin University of Technology, Krakow AGH University of Science and Technology and the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences.